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Rapidleech-Unique and fast way to access and download files

What is Rapidleech?

You want to download files but the site is blocked, and you don't know what to do? Then the best way to download those files from blocked sites is none other than rapidleech. The powerful, important and the recognized technology in the world of internet is rapidleech. So it's very important to know about this technology and how can it helps us in our work. So how can one define rapidleech? Basically it is actually a name for a script. A PHP file which helps and supports in leeching. But what do we actually mean by leeching? Leeching is the process by which a file is either copied or transfer from one server to the other server. In simple words it is a server to server file transfer technology.

The implication

The technical kind of definition is very hard to understand. So in a simple note, it is actually a free server script which is used by various well-known downloading/uploading websites. Over 45 websites uses this technology regularly to upload or download files. This famous script helps to transfer files from various websites through one's server connection. They are very speedy and dump those files on one's server without any problem. Later on, one can download those files, which was once stored in the server, from the server whenever needed. The websites from which rapidleech mainly transfer files are,, and, etc. This script has been used worldwide over than 5 million users. It has been installed in more than 2 thousand servers. But a doubt is very likely to arise here is why one cannot download the files directly from any other sites to their desktop? Why should one use this kind of technology and make the simple process of downloading a complex one.

Utilities of Rapidleech

All these questions have there answers too. There are some sites which are actually blocked and cannot be accessed. There can be a limit in both downloading and uploading one. This kind of downloading can be very time consuming one and even have a time limit put on it. So on this kind of situation only one can help you out is none other than rapidleech. It can be installed in one's own web server. It can be even done by using premium or free rapidleech servers. As soon as the file is downloaded, one can split, compress and encrypt those files via RAR. Another important advantage is that the transfer from one server to another server takes place much faster than one can imagine. Rapidleech can download various files from more or less all sites.

How to avail this script

This script is very easy to download and is a convenient one. This script does not need any kind of database. There are free version of this script and even the premium one, which one can be purchase from the websites. Any one can avail this facility either by using PayPal or credit cards.

The easy working with Rapidleech Script

Technology has gone to a height these days in the making of modernization. One of the most influential gifts of technology for the mankind is definitely the invention of internet, which actually provides a whole new world in front of a user. Numerous applications can be used by the help of the internet and rapidleeching is one of them for sure.

What is Rapidleech Script

The transfer of files from one server to another is one of the most essential and frequently used applications in the internet. The transfer is made through certain server scripts. Rapidleech is one such script, and probably the most useful one among others. Different popular websites that support the uploading and downloading applications are the concentrated working areas of the rapidleech script. The files can be stored into the user's server from the websites by using the rapidleech script. The downloading of the files from the server to the hard disc of the user can be processed anytime later. Using a rapidleech script is absolutely safe and effective, and can be smoothly used and can be accessed from any server. It can be easily installed and operated. More than 5 million worldwide users are known to have experienced the usage of the rapidleech scripts. And more than 2000 servers have experienced the installation of this type of script. The rapidleec sites can also be used for advertising any program. As a matter of fact, a user can easily engage himself in earning by providing the rapidleech sites. It is pretty well practiced globally by those who are well trained in internet applications.

What are the Services

Different fields can be served well enough the by the rapidleech scripts. Starting from advertisements to the hosting of the servers, the rapidleech scripts are highly useful. This type of script is also used in the online multiplayer games. The rapidleech scripts, which are needed to buy, allow the users in accessing of admin panels, multi user facilities, set up plans like limiting web traffics, controlling disc space, file size, and accepting payments; which further help in providing the scripts for generating income. The various service providers of the rapidleech scripts charge pretty nominal from the users. It is pretty easy to find a downloadable link of a rapidleech script in the web. But a reliable site giving the links is definitely safer. It is important to be knowledgeable enough for identifying the trusted sites easily. The downloads are fast and absolutely virus free. The web specialists are always keen to have a check on this matter. Therefore, with adequate knowledge, a user can easily go for an excellent experience of file transferring by the rapidleech scripts.


There are certain rules and regulations regarding the usage of the rapidleech scripts and one must abide by them to avoid any unnecessary trouble. Since the rapidleech scripts actually pull out the files from a server, there is always a question of security. Therefore, the laws are set and taking opportunities of the freedom of using the script is definitely a punishable offense, and one must maintain accordingly.

Get access to all files in minimum rate via leech king is one of the trusted sites in case of downloading and is used by millions of people around the world. Different files are actually distributed into a large number of hosting servers. These hosting services may ask you to pay high amount premium for getting full access to their database and for a very high speed download. Now leech king administrators give all the benefits regarding high speed downloading from a single website and in a comparatively low amount. This increases the acceptance of this site among different peoples. This server is allowing its clients to download any files from more or less each and every hosting server presents on the internet. This wide spectrum of variety is not found on every other site of its type.

How to download a file

The process of downloading the file through this website is not at all a tough job to do. The first thing you need to do is to copy the uniform resource locator or URL of your required file you want to download, in the download box present in the website. This file may be from any of the host servers present on the net. Then click on the download button. Firstly the website will download the file to their server and then the clients were provided with a link to download the file from the server.

Time laps

During downloading one point you must keep in mind that, the file you leeches from the original links, will stay on the server only for 48 hours. So always download your file from the leech king within the time period otherwise the file will automatically delete from the server and you may need to extract it from the original server again. This system was made to overtake the overloading of storage on the host server. An advantage of this host server is that you can resume your file download from the server with any of the download managers present in the internet. This site is charge some money from their client. They charge this because they need to use a lot of money in this market. So the money charging is kind of a profit they want to earn from their business. Assurance of best quality download service is their prime guarantees to their clients. They are providing very high speed file download from their several servers in peak hours. They can improve their service to their maximum extent to satisfy their clients.

Trial offers and refund

This website is also providing demo trials for the persons who are coming to the site for the very first time. But this trial offer is limited to specific number of hosting servers and for a specific file size and storage size that is 250MB and 500MB respectively. But refund offers are not supported by them. If they somehow fail to do what they preach on premium card account, then they suppose to include some bonus period. So create an account on this website and enjoy high speed downloading at $6.99 for one month.

Get a Fast and unlimited access to your downloads

Today is the era of technology, where the internet plays a crucial role in our day to day life. Nowadays everybody of us had been so accustomed to the internet that we cannot move a little also without it. No doubt that you are able to get all the information's just at your finger tips and that too within less time. You can also download your favorite pictures, movies, songs with the help of certain sites but the files which you want to download are situated on more than one host services, due to which you have to pay luxurious accounts to get high speed downloading and full access. is nothing but an unlimited premium link generator. You have full and unlimited access with a maximum download speed for a discounted price and that too from a single website. This site allows you as an unknown access to these services, so that your IP address is protected from your IPS.

What is Premium Link generator?

PLG or Premium Link generators are the special sites which provide you the download links with all the premium features. In this site, they offer you with instant download, that too without clicking any irritating ads.

What is Rapid leech?

It is a free file transfer script, with the help of which, the files are transferred from popular file download/upload sites like or to its own server, from where you are able to download the file without any restrictions. You are also provided with an option to pause or resume your download as it is supported by the download managers. Moreover for beginning the download also, you are not required to enter the captcha code.

Features available

You can download the file hosts like rapid share, hotfile, Crocko, YouTube, Vimeo,; upload station, 2shared, Mediafire and many more. For downloading, you just need to simply copy the URL of the file to the download area and click the download button. Their system will start downloading the files to the server and will provide you with a link to download from them. Don't worry your files will be deleted after 48 hours only, so you have to download your files within this time period. In case you don't download, the file will be deleted and you have to leech it again from the original link.

Can you buy an account?

Yes, of course you can buy an account and when you purchase, an instant email will be sent with premium voucher. You also need to pay for your services as it will be very expensive for them. As quality is their first priority and they assure you that you get a maximum download speed even during peak hours through their various servers. They neither have auto-renewal system nor charge your PayPal account unless you sign up and click "pay now" yourself or manually send your payment from within the account. So all who wants to have unlimited downloads that too in a cheap rate, can opt for this service. Try and experience the new way of downloading your files.

Leeching and Rapidleech script

Leech, in computing, refers to the unethical copying of data or information or unethical access to a network. It may also refer to the intentional participation in an Internet event and not putting any effort into it, but benefiting from the transaction anyways. Though unethical, leeching may not always be illegal.

About leeching

As leeching of many forms in not illegal, leeching is used commercially for benefits. Leeching can provide valuable data and resources without any transaction of money. Leeching is beneficial for only one side of the two sides involved. The computer whose data is leeched suffers from an economical or intellectual loss. If leeching is done from the Internet then no particular individual or institution may be harmed. The process of leeching may not always be easy or successful. Leeching is like an attempt to break into some ones safety vault and take a copy of what is present inside. It may not be able to make it into the safety vault most of the times. Also some websites have goods security systems which will be able to stop leeching. The success rate of leeching may be very low, but it still is a good way to access some data without the authority, and thus it is gaining popularity. Some examples of leeching may be when you access a wireless network connection that you are not authorised to access, like that of a cyber cafe, for free. Leeching not only refers to downloading, but also uploading of data. So leeching in the wrong hands can prove to be very dangerous.

Ways of leeching: rapidleech

There are many ways of leeching. One of them is through rapidleech scripts. It is a specific type of computer script that can facilitate the easy download from direct download link of many well known websites. The copy of the downloadable file is made and then stored in the client computer's memory from where it can be fetched at later times. Rapidleech script can also be used to upload data. This can also be done by leeching some host network. While leeching can work on any client and user computer couple, an Internet connection is essential for rapidleech to work. Rapidleech script is used by many websites that facilitate leeching. This websites charge some nominal money to provide an easy to use user interface. The user interface helps in leeching by just some clicks of the mouse button. The leeching websites also has some lists of other websites from where data can be downloaded or uploaded.

Benefits of leeching websites

Although the leeching websites charge some money, it is still economically better to use them. This is because they provide access to many websites, who individually charge money. So it is better to pay the less money to leeching websites. Rapidleech does not have a hundred percent success rate. Rather most of the attempts are unsuccessful. Moreover, the host sites are developing better security systems. However, leeching websites are also developing newer tools to surpass these security barriers.

Make money for uploading file hosting online

Now you can make money by uploading files online. All this has started with the file hosting industry. There have been many changes in this industry, many big names got wiped out from the business and the small companies came to fill up the empty place. Extabit or Turbobit are the name of those file hosting companies, which were not considered to be a standard company among the other competitors in the online market. But just within two years, the whole scenario has changed. These two companies did make a good name and they have been given the trustworthy certificate, since most of the companies turn out to be big scam.

Suggestion for better File hosting sites:

There is little suggestion about the best sites regarding file hosting which actually pays you for uploading the files. These sites are either on PPS OR PPD. The PPS stands for pay per sale and the PPD stands for pay per download. There are many sites which offer both the options. The basic work would be just to upload files to particular server and whenever someone is downloading the files successfully, the person who has uploaded the files makes some money without any doubt and without too much of hard work.

Who are the ones getting benefit from this job?

Mainly students do it as a part time job and other than that housewives can also try their luck. But mostly important and helpful for those, who are working on the internet day and night. Specially the students, because they need to make project files regarding variety of topics and at times this project topics requires to be published for getting better review.

Here are some of the names of the hosting sites which pay for uploading files: is a very popular site. It is a stable file hosting site and the payment is also steady. But in case you are planning to remain as a free member then you will not enjoy the faster downloading speed, so for better speed and work faster, you can use the premium account. And you can make around $50 easily. is another popular site after This is the last resort, when other servers are blocked for making money online just by downloading. will pay you for uploading image files. They have their own server where you need upload all the good pictures you have in your collection. There is a bench mark for the payment, you will get a payment of 0.22$ for one thousand views of the pictures uploaded by you. It's indeed a good source of income where you just need to upload your stuffs and if the picture is good enough, you will get paid without any issues. is a site where you can upload any type of files you like and you will receive a payment of $1 for every five hundred downloads. They have a backup option too and signing up with a premium account you can avail space up to Two Hundred Gigabyte space. This space can be used for saving those files which gets deleted after 60 days. Files which are downloaded for duration of sixty days and even more than that, gets deleted from the server automatically. These are the suggestions about making money by uploading files hosting online.